One hundred days ago I learned the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique.  It’s a simple technique that involves the use of a mantra given to the student by a learned teacher.  The practitioner gently holds the mantra in her mind for twenty minutes, twice a day.  The idea behind TM is that the technique helps us go deep, or transcend.  If you imagine the surface of an ocean, it’s often choppy, with waves bouncing around.  But if you were to take a vertical view, far beneath the surface, you would see stillness and calm.  This is so even beneath the most active and frenetic storms on the surface.  We are like the ocean.  On the surface of our minds there is noise, movement, and oftentimes an inability to settle and still.  But beneath the surface, there is a big reservoir of stillness and quiet.  It is here that we find our true selves.  It is here that we tap into the connection that we all share, simply by virtue of being on this earth.  It is here where the TM technique can take us.

TM is not the only meditation technique that offers this depth of experience.  Nor is it the only meditation technique I practice.  But coming off of my first one hundred days of dedicated twice daily practice (caveat – there were a couple of days that I only got one session in), I consider it an important tool in my spiritual and personal growth toolbox.  Here’s to a hundred more.