Did you know that the heart generates the most powerful electromagnetic field of all of the organs in the body?  Its magnetic field is so powerful that it can literally be detected by a machine up to ten feet away from the human body.  Not only can specialized machines detect the magnetic field of someone’s heart, research shows that we too can detect the electromagnetic field that emanates from other people’s hearts.  You know how you just sometimes get a sense of someone else’s energy?  It’s real, and it can tell us a lot about who we want to be around and how we want to show up.

I think of leading by fear as the polar opposite of leading with your heart.  There’s a sense of contraction and constriction that guides one’s actions and reactions.  I’ve seen friends and acquaintances, bosses and colleagues, and me too operating from this place.  It feels and seems tense and anxious.  When I’m in this place my breathing is shallow.  I know this place, and I can sometimes see it in others.  And the truth is that when you operate from this place, you’re far less likely to get what it is you want or need.  It’s as if the universal energy that underlies all things in this world senses that you are coming from a place of lack and so returns that lack back to you.  Some might call it karma.

But nurturing the quality of being open-hearted and walking through your days from that place is different.  It often has the opposite result.  Put out love, get love back.  Send out good energy, and see it returned to you in spades.

We can habituate how we show up in the world.  And we have so many tools to help us cultivate the habits that we want to create.  Meditation is probably the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to cultivate an open heart.  Metta, or loving kindness, meditation in particular is extremely powerful in this regard.  The practitioner systematically sends good wishes to herself, loved ones, not-so-loved ones, and all beings.  It sounds corny and can feel that way at first, but it’s a powerful tool.  More on the particulars in an upcoming post.

Do you notice when you are in a state of contraction or openheartedness?  What does it feel like in your body?