Join the Scare Your Soul Challenge – This Weekend!

As Halloween creeps near, courageous peeps from all over the world will embark on the Scare Your Soul Challenge this weekend, October 27, 28 and 29. There’s time to join in this movement of taking small steps of courage to step outside your comfort zone, to increase your resilience, to propel growth, and to enhance your overall badassery. Just go to and commit (it’s free!). You’ll be overwhelmed and inspired by the community support.

Scare Your Soul – a grassroots movement started by a dear friend of mine – has yoga written all over it. In yoga, we face our fears and even embrace discomfort on our mats. This, in turn, prepares us to live more fully and freely in the world. Consider the SYS Challenge a potent shot in the arm along your journey of personal growth.

Here are just a few ideas of challenges you can take on:

  • a one-day digital detox
  • go out for a meal alone, eating mindfully and without distractions
  • spend 15 minutes doing random acts of kindness (smiling at strangers, handing out flowers)
  • call (not email or text) an old friend to catch up and tell them you miss them
  • volunteer at a local homeless shelter

Your challenge does not have to involve earth-shattering events (though my friend who started Scare Your Soul did recently face his fear of heights by jumping out of an airplane). Think baby steps. Inching your way out of your comfort zone. From just the smallest of actions, big changes can flow.

What will you commit to do?