Quick Answer: Lugi S Mansion 3 How To Get Past The Yoga Mat Puzzle?

How do you match the yoga mats in Luigi’s Mansion?

Left to right front row: rolled, open, open. Left to right back row: open, open, rolled. Arrange the yoga mats to match the posters on the wall. The secret area should open when the mats look like this.

Where is the key in the yoga room Luigi’s Mansion 3?

About midway through the 13F level in Luigi’s Mansion 3, you’ll find yourself in the Training Room. The door leading to the next room will lock here, and you’ll need to find the key. It is hidden in one of the exercise bikes. Specifically, you will need to use the vacuum on the middle exercise bike.

How do you get out of the scale chamber in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

To do this one, keep Gooigi on the scale, three of the gold objects, and a little bit of sand – make sure to keep Luigi off of the scale himself. Strobe the green light and now you will be able to leave the room — congrats!

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Can I use a yoga mat as a puzzle mat?

A puzzle mat allows you to work on a puzzle, store it and come back to finish it later. They are expensive, but your yoga mat is a great alternative. Put your puzzle together in the center of your mat. When you’re ready to continue the puzzle, unroll the mat carefully.

How do I get my Gooigi back?

Once Gooigi is no longer needed you may want to dismiss him. To revall Gooigi you need to press the right thumbstick twice. This causes Gooigi to disappear and turns the camera back to Luigi. This is especially useful if your camera has panned way out to accomadate having both characters on the screen together.

How do I get my Polterkitty down?

Polterkitty is in the casket on stage that has swords sticking into it. You’ll need to use Luigi and Gooigi to fire a plunger shot at each front panel, then pull them off simultaneously. The fight commences, and at last, you capture Polterkitty and can go up to Floor 14.

How do you beat the B2 boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

The ghost of level B2 can be a tough fight unless you undestand how the controls work. To beat the mechanic you’ll need to float around in the water avoid 2 attacks then vacuum him up and fire him into the spikes. The control scheme for this isn’t about turning but treat the joystick as the duck itself.

How do you get past the lasers in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Everything is actually protected by lasers so spin the blades until you see a power box in a little cage. Use Gooigi or Luigi to rotate the windmill on the left side of the room, and keep the other character by the fireplace. Turn the room so you can see the power box to turn off the lasers in this room.

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Why does Luigi have Ghost Dog?

Polterpup is a white ghost dog that appears in Luigi’s Mansion 2, and makes a return in Luigi’s Mansion 3. In story mode, he is notorious for taking special Keys that Luigi needs to progress, hence his role as a mini-boss.

How do you catch a Polterkitty floor 11?

Floor 11. Go back to the elevator to go down to the Twisted Suites on floor 11: Polterkitty is in the room with the hats, hidden under one of them. Once you find him, he’ll run on the stage. Go on the stage, get Gooigi out and shoot a suction cup on the front panels.

How do you beat Polterkitty in floor 8?

The way to defeat him will always be exactly the same throughout the game: take Luigi and turn his back, then take Gooigi out, moving him away a little. The Cat Ghost will move discreetly forward Luigi, hiding his eyes.

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