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One hundred days of Transcendental Meditation


One hundred days ago I learned the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique.  It's a simple technique that involves the use of a mantra given to the student by a learned teacher.  The practitioner gently holds the mantra in her mind for twenty minutes, twice a day.  The idea behind TM is that the technique helps us

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Leading with your heart


Did you know that the heart generates the most powerful electromagnetic field of all of the organs in the body?  Its magnetic field is so powerful that it can literally be detected by a machine up to ten feet away from the human body.  Not only can specialized machines detect the magnetic field of someone's

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The first step to making lasting change


There's a story about a well-known yoga teacher who was driving with his three kids in the car.  Apparently he was going too slow for the likes of the car behind him, whose driver laid on his horn and hurled obscenities at the teacher as he abruptly passed him.  The teacher, not missing a beat,

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A Meditation Latte


I've had a committed meditation practice for some time now.  In addition to meditating daily I really love reading about, talking about, and listening to podcasts about all things meditation.  The 10% Happier podcast by Dan Harris is an absolute treasure and I've caught almost all of his 130 or so episodes.  One recent guest

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Love letter: a true story


Scare Your Soul (SYS) is an organization that helps people find growth and happiness by taking small (or big) acts of courage in their daily lives.  In essence, it's a courage movement.  Participation is free and a variety of challenges are offered, so check it out! (Incidentally, I'm an ambassador).  A few weeks ago I received

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Radi8: Using the Practice of Yoga to Cultivate Your Inner Shine


That's the name of the book I wrote last summer, recently published by Waterside Press.  It's a modern yogi's take on the applicability of the 8-limbed path of yoga philosophy.  In it I break down each of the traditional limbs of the yoga practice and discuss how and why each is an important part of

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Sometimes, pushing a little harder does the trick


I was working out at my favorite bootcamp-style class last week at Miracle Performance (click here if you're into this kind of thing).  I ended up on the treadmill next to a friend I hadn't seen in a while.  When it came time to sprint, she tore it up.  Like, I've almost never seen anyone

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A 45-second mood enhancer you need to know about


Did you know that there is an entire limb of the 8-limbed yoga practice dedicated to the breath?  Pranayama is limb #4 and literally means breath control.  When we engage in the physical practice of yoga, we typically marry our movements to our breath.  We inhale as we raise our arms over head to stand

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The most important ingredient to any kind of “self improvement” plan


As we start to approach the end of the first quarter of 2018, you might be checking in with yourself on your progress, or lack thereof, with respect to the resolutions you made a couple of months ago. So many of our resolutions center around self- improvement. Weight loss, healthy eating, fitness goals and the

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The yogic approach to goal setting


Yoga philosophy teaches us that two of the primary sources of suffering are attachment -- clinging too tightly to things we want, like or love -- and aversion -- recoiling from or avoiding things we don't.  The problem with clinging to things we dig is that they won't last, and then we will inevitably suffer.

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